Baton Rouge Riverfront Master Plan


Like the Outdoor Rooms concept, this design consists of a series of individual, programmable outdoor spaces or rooms that are linked together with circulation corridors, pedestrian promenades and street lighting. However, this scheme explores an alternate alignment of space. For example, the proposed stage and main performance venue are located on axis with the Old State Capitol, offering a dynamic connection with Third Street and the Arts and Entertainment District. This connection is revealed through the use of a circulation corridor and an interactive water wall drawing visitors into the space.

In addition, the historic architecture of the Old State Capitol serves as a picturesque backdrop to the proposed live performance venue. Including a public lawn into this plan provides a needed multipurpose open green space within the heart of Town Square. By design, the individual spaces in both the Water Wall concept and the Outdoor Rooms concept are interchangeable and versatile, highlighting features that can be accommodated in both plans.

Additionally, the elements within the rooms have the ability to be modified and enhanced over time as new technology and new uses are need. This preserves the best of our built history and at the same time suggesting our place in the future.

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