Baton Rouge Riverfront Master Plan


Composed of linked public spaces, the Outdoor Rooms concept features the Sitting Room, the Art Gallery, the Plaza, the Stage, and the Promenade. These programmable spaces are connected by tree-lined pedestrian promenades, orthogonal paving and enhanced street lighting. While reinforcing the existing street grid of downtown, these new features also focus connections into Town Square and continue toward the Baton Rouge riverfront.

Functionally, the circulation between rooms allows for a multitude of programmable activities, both active and passive. Extending the paving pattern into the traffic lanes is one feature that enables Town Square to expand for large events, incorporating each space into one whole. In addition, the existing heritage Live Oak trees form a living canopy over the rooms. Everyday use of this space will be activated with pedestrian and vehicular circulation continuing on the perimeter of each outdoor room. The strength of this proposal lies in the multipurpose use and flexibility of this public outdoor space.

Taking clues form the existing urban form, formal and classic shapes are reflected in the layout of the outdoor rooms plan. However, the lighting fixtures, site furnishings and overhead structures will punctuate the space with innovative and contemporary forms. The elements of this plan work together to make the Baton Rouge Town Square along with North Boulevard a central public amenity.

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