Baton Rouge Riverfront Master Plan


The Town Square site sits atop the natural bluff overlooking the nearby Mississippi River. The river is the lifeline that gave rise to the City of Baton Rouge and the currents that have shaped this land for thousands of years are the inspiration for the design of the new Town Square. The gentle curving lines and broad sweeping forms pull visitors throughout the space, stopping at eddies denoting important points along the way.

A dynamic pavement system that uses contemporary LED lighting & technology combined with seat walls and sweeping plantings helps to guide visitors like a roadmap through the space. The design of the Town Square corridor creates different, smaller spaces at various points that encourage a wide variety of uses, from intimate gatherings at lunchtime to large Live After Five concerts that can pull crowds up to 4,000 people.

While the design is composed of a series of spaces, its open, flowing composition allows groups of smaller areas to be incorporated into larger events, making the overall Town Square much more versatile and dynamic.

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